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Department of Vermont Health Access Contact Information

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 Please send all Mail (Other than VHC Payments) to:

Department of Vermont Health Access
ATTN: (Name/Unit)
NOB 1 South
280 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671-1010


Vermont Health Connect
PO BOX 1840
Williston, VT 05495-1840



 Phone: 802-879-5900    Fax: 802-241-0260

Steven Costantino, Commissioner

Lori Collins, Deputy Commissioner, Policy, Fiscal & Support Services Division

Aaron French, Deputy Commissioner, Health Services & Managed Care Division 

Tom Boyd, Deputy Commissioner of Payment Reform

Thomas Simpatico, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Howard Pallotta, General Counsel II

Kelly Gordon, Project and Operations Director

Darcy McPherson, Admin Services Coordinator III

Suellen Squires, Administrative Secretary

Jessica Ploesser, Legal Hearing Support Specialist

Adaline Strumolo, Health Care Project Director

Thomas Kester, Staff Attorney I

David Gabe Epstein, Staff Attorney I

Amy Simons, Administrative Assistant B

Dana Houlihan, Project Director, Enrollment

Stacy Gibson-Grandfield, Project Operations Director


 BLUEPRINT FOR HEALTH     <back to top>

 Phone: 802-879-5900    Fax: 802-241-0269

Miki Beach,  Assistant Director BPFH

Heather Kendall, Medicaid Programs & Operations Administrator

Jennifer Le, Admin Services Manager I

Casey O'Hara, Medicaid Operations Administrator

Jenney Samuelson, Assistant Director BPFH

Lorraine Siciliano, Medicaid Operations Administrator

Beth Tanzman, Assistant Director BPFH

Richard Terricciano, Information Technology Manager

Geralynn Thornton, Programs & Operations Auditor

Tim Tremblay, Data Management/Analyst

Mary Katherine Mohlman, Health Services Researcher

Gwen Slagle, Program Tech II



Phone: 802-879-5900    Fax: 802-879-5651



Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-241-0266

Chronic Care Initiative Team Map (12/04/2014)

Amy Blanchard, Nurse Case Manager - Franklin & Grand Isle Counties

Heather Bollman, Clinical Operations & Service Quality

Christopher Chadwick, LADC - Rutland & Addison Counties

Kimberly Humphrey, Nurse Case Manager - Caledonia, Orleans & Essex Counties

Eileen Girling, Field Director, Vermont Chronic Care Initiative

Andrea Hoffman, Nurse Case Manager - Chittenden County

Blythe Kersula, Nurse Case Manager - Washington & Orange Counties

Mary Lacaillade, Nurse Case Manager - Lamoille County

Constance Hourihan, Nurse Case Manager - Orange & Washington Counties

Susan Read-Smith, Nurse Case Manager - Windham County

Anni Savage-Prusaczyk, Nurse Case Manager - Addison & Rutland Counties

Kathy Shuster, Nurse Case Manager - Windsor County

Debbie Smith, LADC, Windsor County

Margaret Tarmy, Senior Nurse Case Manager - Chittenden County

Margaret Terrien, Nurse Case Manager - Chittenden County

Heather Walton, Administrative Services Coordinator

Dawn Weening, Program Operations & Service Qualtiy

Angie White, Senior Nurse Case Manager - Franklin & Grand Isle Counties

Lou-Anne Wood, Nurse Case Manager - Franklin & Grand Isle Counties

Tonya Wilkinson, Nurse Case Manager - Chittenden County

Cynthia Ghosh, Nurse Case Manager II – Bennington County

Harold Diaz, Nurse Case Manager-Chittenden County

Joan MongeonClinical Informatics Analyst

Sharon Moore, VCCI Nurse Case Manager Bennington

Robyn Ayer, Nurse Case Manager High Risk Pregnancy

Janet McMahon, VCCI Nurse Case Manager


CLINICAL OPERATIONS     <back to top>

Phone: 802-879-5903    Fax: 802-879-5963

Kristin Allard, Nurse Administrator II

Charles Bowen, Public Health Dentist

Daljit Clark, Clinical Operations Director

Bradley Gabree, Nurse Case Manager

Linda Martinez, Nurse Case Manager

Susan Mason, Physical Therapist

Gregory Maurer, Public Health Dentist

Bonnie Mazza, Program Technician I

Julie McDonald, Administrative Services Technician IV

Suzanne Webb, Nurse Case Manager

Caley Wilson, Nurse Case Manager

Evan Welsh, Clinical Utilization Reiew Data Analyst



Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-879-5959

Debbie Austin, Coordination of Benefits Director

  • Casualty
  • Estate Recoveries
  • Health Insurance
  • Hospice 
  • Medicare Advocacy Project Contract
  • Medicare Benefits Coordination
  • Trusts/Annuities

Shane Daley, Program Consultant

Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS) Project Lead

  • IE Project
  • ACCESS Remediation
  • Billing Issues
  • HPID
  • DUALS Project

Lisa Botala, Program Consultant

  • Casualty Recoveries
  • Special Needs Trust

Rolenda Corrow, COB Specialist

  • Health Insurance Recoveries

Stacey Davis, Program Consultant

  • E.O.B.'s
  • Health Insurance Verification/Carrier Code Updates
  • ACCESS/Insurance Trainings
  • Outstanding A/R Recoveries
  • Third Party Billing Issues
  • Employer Insurance Group Tracking
  • Health insurance Recoveries
  • IV-D/Court Ordered Medical Support Insurance updates
  • Reports

Lori Fagnant, Program Consultant

  • End-of-Month Processing and Reporting
  • UHC Data Match

Brittaney Fisher, COB Specialist

  • Casualty Recoveries
  • Special Needs Trust

Rachel Marshall, Program Consultant

  • Credit Balance Reporting
  • Nursing Home Eligibility File Maintenance
  • Patient Share Recovery

Gary Sturgeon, Coordination of Benefits Supervisor

  • Medicaid Recoveries

Jennifer Whalen, Program Consultant

  • Estate Recoveries
  • Over Resource
  • Annuity Recoveries

Prescription Drug Program Team

Lisa Carpenter, Senior COB Specialist

  • COB Supervisor
  • Medicare/Reports - AKA PDP Team Supervisor

Melissa Guiles, Program Consultant

  • Medicare/Reports-AKA PDP Team Member

Matthew Laudin, Benefits Program Assistant Administrator

  • Medicare/Reports - AKA PDP Team Member
  • Medicare/Reports - AKA PDP Team Member

Carolyn Sweet, Program Consultant

  • Medicare/Reports - AKA PDP Team Member


DATA MANAGEMENT & ANALYSIS     <back to top>

Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-879-5651

John Gauthier, Medicaid Healthcare Data & Statistical Analyst

Tony Kramer, Medicaid Healthcare Data & Statistical Analyst

Walter Ochs, Medicaid Healthcare Data & Statistical Analyst

Jeffrey Ross, Data Management & Analysis Director



Phone: 802-879-5900    Fax: 802-241-0265

Hera Bosley, Administrative Services Manager II

Natalie Elvidge, Contracts Administrator

Carrie Hathaway, Financial Director IIII

Meaghan Kelley, Contracts Administrator

Karen Sinor, Grants & COntracts Administrator

Emily Trantum, Financial Director I

Mylinda Trombley, Financial Manager III

David Walker, Jr., Financial Manager II

Susan Whitney, Grants & Contracts Administrator

Rachel Stillwell, Medicaid Fiscal Analyst

Lisa Schilling, Financial Director III

Aaron Bordeur, Financial Director I

Christie Omodeo, Administrative Assistant B

Sarah Aberle, Administrative Services Coordinator III

Joel Collins, Financial Administrator II

Fernando Carvalhosa,  Financial Manager III

Terri Blaisdell, Financial manager I

Erik Poitras, Financial Manager I

Kelly Channell, Admin Services Manager I

Amanda Franklin, Financial Manager II

David Tauscher, Financial Director III



Cassandra Gekas, VHC Director of Operations

Sean Sheehan, Director of Education & Outreach

Jacqueline Rose, Education & Outreach Manager

Devon Downing, Director VHC Customer Service Center

Jerri-Lyn Reynolds, Health Programs Administrator

Rebecca Rivard-Darby, Communications Specialist

Jonathan Shaw, Communications Specialist

Cindy Olson, Administrative Services Director I

Tori Hodgkins, Administrative Services Manager II

Kate Batchelder, Benefits Program Assistant Administrator

Meredith Ray, Health Program Administrator

Daniel Fay, Administrative Services Manager II

Joshua Pagliuca, VHC Support Services Specialist

Victoria Jarvis, Administrative Services Manager II

Jessica Jacobs, Communications & Notices Manager

Kerry Corey, Workforce Management Coordinator II

Brian Irish, Workforce Management Coordinator I

Roseanne Colasurdo, Business Analyst

Athanasia Boskailo, Exchange Project Director

Autumn Stowe, Support Services Specialist

Jennifer Boyden, ESD Assistant Director

Brittney Richardson, VHC Business Process Coordinator

Kevin Lindstam, VHC Support services Specialist

Danielle Bushey, Fair Hearing Specialist


HEALTH REFORM     <back to top>

Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-871-3343

Matt Baker, Business Analyst



Kaitlin Epstein, Administrative Assistant B

Michelle Lavallee, MMIS Portfolio Director

Joseph Liscinsky, MMIS Enterprise Director II

Samantha Haley, Business Process Manager

Mariah Ogden, Program Consultant

Jason Pope, Program Consultant

Renee Taylor, Health program Administrator


 MANAGED CARE COMPLIANCE     <back to top>

  Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-879-5651

Bill Clark, Managed Care Compliance Director


PHARMACY     <back to top>

Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-241-0268

Stacey Baker, Health Programs Administrator

Mary Beth Bizzari, R.Ph., Health Programs Administrator

Jennifer Egelhof, Pharmacy Project Manager

  • Pharmacy Provider Relations Liaison

Carrie Germaine, Health Programs Administrator

Nancy Hogue, Pharmacy Director


PROGRAM INTEGRITY     <back to top>

Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-871-3090

Joyce Desany, Programs and Operations Auditor

Kelly Kroupa, Program Integrity Nurse Auditor

Kim LaFrance, Associate Program Integrity Director

Alex McHenry, Fiscal Analyst

Leanne Miles, Program Integrity Director

Steve Short, Programs & Operations Auditor

George Thabault, Programs & Operations Auditor

Bekah Kutt, Program Integrity Compliance Auditor

Rod Whitney, Program Consultant

Paul Hochanadel, Project Director, Strategic Progjects

Anne Petrow, Oversight & Monitoring Director

Allison Jensen, Medicaid Healthcare Data & Statistical Analyst

Tara Libby, Quality Control Specialist

Sawyer Joecks, Program & Ops Auditor

 PROVIDER & MEMBER RELATIONS     <back to top>

 Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-879-5919

Suellen Bottiggi, Director Provider Member Relations

Clark Eaton, Provider Relations Specialist

  • Dentists
  • Medicaid and Exchange Advisory Board

Deidra Jarvis, Administrative Services Technician IV

  • Transportation

Carla Vecchione, Administrative Services Technician IV

Robert Larkin, Provider Relations Specialist

  • Member Relations
  • Transportation

Peter McNichol, Transportation Quality Control Chief

<Vacant>, Medicaid Provider Relations Operations Chief  

  • Provider Enrollment
  • Community Mental Health
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • School-Based Providers


PUBLIC RECORDS     <back to top>


Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-241-0260



Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-241-0267

Megan Mitchell, Quality Improvement & Clinical Integrity Director

Sandi Hoffman, Quality Improvement & Care Management Manager

Erin Carmichael, Quality Improvement Administrator

Michael McAdoo, Director of Integrated Health Care

Betsey Lord, Behavioral Health Concurrent Review Care Manager

Kevin McKivergan, Behavioral Health Concurrent Review Care Manager

Todd Hill, Behavioral Health Concurrent Review Care Manager

Danielle Bragg, Autism Specialist

Aletta Powel, Grant Program Manager

Katherine Luscomb, BH Concurrent Review Care Manager




Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-879-5651

Christine Blackburn, Reimbursement Analyst

Amy Coonradt, Health Care Statistical Info Administrator

Alicia Cooper, Quality Oversight Analyst II

Candy Covey, Medicaid Operations Admin

Erin Flynn, Health Care Project Director (ACO)

Sarah Kinsler, Health Senior Policy Analyst

Samantha Prince, Reimbursement Analyst

Deborah Stempel, Medicaid Operations Administrator

James Westrich, Quality Oversight Analyst II

Brian Borowski, Health Care Statistical Info Administrator

Carole Magoffin, Quality Oversight Analyst II

Luann Poirier, Grants Program Manager

Patricia Elias, DVHA Rate Settings Manager


 VERMONT HEALTH CONNECT    <back to top>

 Phone: 802-879-5900     Fax: 802-879-5962

Emily Grimone, Business Analyst

Andrew Laing, Enterprise Business Analyst

Tena Perrelli, Project Director, Customer Support Center



IT Support

Catherine West, Reimbursement Director





Report Contact Updates







Danielle Brag, Autism Specialist